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Monday, November 14, 2005


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by Rita Milios,
The Mind Mentor

Creativity and self-esteem - for the person fortunate enough to have an abundance of both, the world is a wonderful place. It is filled with opportunities, challenges, and most probably, success. But does having one give you an edge for obtaining the other as well?


If there is a connection between self-esteem and creativity, it is a mental one. According to psychologist William Grey, our feelings act as “organizers" for both our mind and our personality. When our feelings are suppressed or out of reach, our mind's ability to organize, synthesize and correlate thoughts - to do the ground work necessary for creativity to take place - is hampered. On the other hand, when we are in touch with our feelings, we have freer access to our creative source.


It appears that an essential element in emotional well-being - and creativity - is attitude. How you think leads to how you feel. If you think, "I’m not good enough" (to perform a certain task, to get a new job, to be in the company of certain people), then you won't be. You will fulfill your own prophecy - not because there is something innately inferior about you, but simply because you will have closed off the opportunity to try, and therefore to possibly succeed. Do this enough times and you will come to believe, and even expect, your failure to continue. To succeed you will then need to change the belief that holds you - and your creativity - down.
Beliefs are created in the mind, by the thoughts you hold in your mind, the thoughts that you focus on and give your attention to. You might want to try the following simple exercise, designed to help you take charge of your thinking and gain a more positive outlook:


What kind of messages do you give yourself all day long? It has been estimated that the average person's mind processes about three to four hundred negative statements per day. Do you say, "I knew I’d never get it right," or do you call yourself a "dummy" when you make a mistake? Stop it! Catch those negative statements before they have a chance to become "programmed” into your mental state. Change the negative statements into positive ones, instead.
Start by keeping a log of how many times you make a negative statement to yourself during a typical day, either out loud or in your mind. Also log how many times you pay attention to the negative statements of others around you. Becoming aware of just how much negative programming you are experiencing is an important first step. Then begin catching yourself in the act. just as you are about to make a negative statement. Say, “STOP!” Change the negative statement to a positive one. You might say, “I did have a problem this time but now I know more about how to make it right the next time.” And you will. With practice you will gain a more positive outlook. Over time, you may find that not only has your attitude improved, but your creativity has increased as well.


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