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Saturday, November 19, 2005


I was amazed....and it's hard to amaze me..."mind tools" teacher and MInd Mentor ...by the power of a simple INTENTION to set into motion creative action.

Even though I teach this stuff, somehow when it comes to my own life, I'm always a bit surprised (and always grateful) when it works so easily....

I was in Sedona a few weeks ago, and went to an energy vortex, where you could look out onto a rock formation that was said to be the place where Natives for thousands of years went to mentally set their intentions for whatever they wanted to create, or to have come into their lives.

So I put forth my intention....and as I did, I began to feel a loving energy flow into my heart...so I reinforced my intention with even greater focus, and added my heartfelt wish that my intended activity would allow me to be an even greater FORCE FOR GOOD in the world.

Now, several weeks later, back at home in Toledo, it's hard to explain, but I do feel different. I am more confident, more assured of my ability and my RIGHT to do the work that I have dedicated myself to....and unexpected opportunities are beginnning to flow.

Every day, I feel the energy within me growing stronger, like a thing that is alive and stirring...and I know that it is readying itself to break free...and when it does it will set into motion everything that is needed to complete all the goals I have worked for...and intended...for many years.

I will keep you posted as to what forms this emergence takes....

For now, I'd like to hear your comments...feel free to answer here or at my website, www.riatmilios.com

And I'd like to leave you with a few thoughts about how to use the power of intention for YOUR own goals. Here you go:

INTENTION: is an action or goal - it is mostly an intellectual event

- it involves the use of the will to attend to (lend awareness or consciousness to) something

- INTENDING is a process; it includes action plus emotion (therefore energy)

- it involves a mental steadiness; the personal will is aligned with higher consciousness

- intent creates a “clear field” through which mental energy can flow

- intent carries consciousness

- intent is affected by love or positive motivations

- intent creates a coherence of brain waves

- one person’s intent can create a resonance (and therefore coherence with) the brain waves of another

- intent creates the possibility for the alignment of wills for greater creative potential

- intent makes it possible for a “resonate transfer” to take place; when at least one person in a pair holds a “true” intention (one that is aligned with the greater will of the soul) doubt [which hinders the intent] from the other can be dispelled

Intention does not “live” in time and space; it exists in the realm of knowing vs. thinking

- Intention is a quantum event; it is information based, not energy/matter (as we know it) based; intention is therefore guided by coherence of thought and depth of thought, vs. content of thought

- Quantum information contains an additional measurement (of “spinning up” or “spinning down”), as occurs in chaos theory and physicist Carl Pribram’s implicate (potential) and explicate (manifested) realms of creation

- The next “information age” will be “the age of knowing” (intuitively and instantaneously)

Holding an Intention:

- sets the blueprint (goal)

- builds energy

- “invites” assistance from higher mental realms

Ways to Increase an Intention:

1) add desire

2) add need (it is said that “even herbs resonate to a person in need of their service”)

3) increase concentration, focus and intensity of the mental thought or state of mind

4) add the intentions of another consciousness that is in resonance with your

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