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Sunday, October 07, 2007

My Vision of Heaven and the Afterlife Contest

My Vision of Heaven and the Afterlife Contest

$100 PRIZE for Best Entry – 100 words or less!

Sponsored by Rita Milios, the Mind Mentor (Webiste: www.ritamilios.com; Blog http://mindmentor.blogspot.com/)

Do you believe in heaven? The afterlife? A 2003 poll conducted at ChristianWebSite showed that up to 83 % of the people polled believe in an afterlife (slightly higher numbers among Protestants). Most major religions have an afterlife as part of their belief system. Yet, the specifics of what this “place” might look like are seldom discussed.

I believe it is important that we begin to co-create a vision of what our beliefs in the afterlife might be. Shared visions become more important as we realize that our collective consciousnesses have a role in bringing reality into existence. Today, more than ever, we must take responsibility for the creations that result from our focused thoughts, intentions, and mental images. The power of the collective unconscious is now strengthening to the point where we can no longer afford to carelessly “feed” negative mental images. Instead, I hope that we can begin to counteract some of the negative images with a conscious focus on positive co-creations.

The law of attraction, popularized by the video The Secret, tells us to keep our mental focus on what we want, and not on what we don’t want.

With the My Vision of Heaven and the Afterlife Contest, I hope to encourage people to begin co-creating a vision of what the afterlife might hold, so that we can release one of the major causes of fear and negative mental energy in our collective unconsciousness….the fear of death. As a grief counselor. I also feel that it is important to begin a dialogue about this topic so that when each of us faces the final stages of our earthly life, we can do so with hope and peace in our hearts.

Please pass along this Contest announcement to all whom you feel might be interested in helping with this Visioning project. Thank you for your assistance!

* If f you know of any internet radio hosts, websites or ezine editors who might like to help by interviewing Rita about this project, please email Rita at rita@ritamilios.com.

Contest Instructions:

• Describe your vision of the afterlife – what it looks like, what goes on there, what experiences you perceive may take place. Keep your description to 100 words or less.

• Email your entry to rita@ritamilios.com. With Heaven Contest in the Subject line.

• Please also answer these 3 Mini-Poll Questions about your after life beliefs:

1. Is your afterlife belief based on ___religious conviction ___spiritual beliefs

___personal experience ____other (explain) __________________________________

2. Where do you perceive the after life to take place? ___in the sky ___in another

dimension parallel to ours ____elsewhere (explain). _____________________________

3. What is the most important thing you think people should know about the afterlife?

• Contest entries will be accepted through October 30, 2007. Winner will be announced on www.ritamilos.com and at the blog, Mind Matters with Rita Milios, the Mind Mentor (http://mindmentor.blogspot.com/) on Nov. 1, 2007.


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