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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Visualization Tip # 2: Practice Visualization Exercise

Using the method in Visualization Tip # 1, Setting the Stage, try the exercise below.

“Practice” Visualizations

Close your eyes and image a movie screen (or if you prefer, a blackboard) about six inches away from your face and up a couple inches above your eyes. First imagine (or “draw”) on your screen or blackboard a geometric figure, a square, circle, or triangle. Keep visualizing this figure over and over for about twenty seconds. Each time your mind wanders, simply bring it back, reproducing the same image over and over. Repeat this exercise with the other two geometric figures.

Then imagine on your mental screen or blackboard a figure, a stick figure or a cartoon-like figure. You do not need to get details. (Most people don’t really see details like hair and eyes on their figures.) In fact, when you “see” an image or visualization, it is in the form of a thought–picture, a sort of mix between an actual image and just the thought of that image. Don’t expect pictures like those on television. Trying too hard to get a “good” visualization will hamper your results. Sometimes you “sense” an image more than you actually see it.

Next, animate the figure on your mental screen. Have it move, talk and become active. When you can comfortably imagine and visualize this and other types of scenes fully and vividly in your mind, you will have mastered to art of creating powerful visualizations–visualizations that get results.

Rita Milios, LCSW, The Mind Mentor, is a transformational psychotherapist and author from Hudson, FL. Her latest book is How to Use Quizzes, Surveys & Polls to Power-Promote Your Book or Website! Read more helpful articles at www.ritamilios.com.


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