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Monday, June 23, 2008

Visualization Tip # 3: “Schedule” Visualizations & Goals

To make your visualizations more powerful and get the results you desire, it is a good idea to create a regular time every day to do this mental work. Set aside a few minutes each day when you can sit or lie quietly and mentally project your visualized goals. A good time to do this might be just before you fall off to sleep. Another good time is shortly after awakening in the morning, before you start your day.

Begin by focusing your attention on your mental screen. Bring onto your mental screen an image that you want to vivify with your mental energy and then project. Take a few minutes to clearly visualize your intention or goals, making the image as realistic as possible.

When you have “energized” the image with your concentrated and pointed attention, the next step is to “release” it into the world. Intend that the image will be released to “do its work” (wherever and however that is to take place…and this is not for you to be concerned about). Then imagine the image flowing out of your head from your “third eye”–the area between your eyebrows–into the atmosphere around you.

Mentally say to yourself, “It is done, and it is so.” Then take your mind off the visualized goal and set it free it to do its work.

Rita Milios, LCSW, The Mind Mentor, is a transformational psychotherapist and author from Hudson, FL. Her latest book is How to Use Quizzes, Surveys & Polls to Power-Promote Your Book or Website! Read more helpful articles at www.ritamilios.com.

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