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Friday, July 18, 2008

Live Fear Free: CHOOSE to Reduce Your Fears

Fear or anxiety don't have to run your life. By taking charge of your feelings and thoughts, you can change your life...for good.

Whenever you feel fearful, stressed or anxious, ask yourself the following questions and take the following actions:

• What are my fears? Where am I feeling threatened in my everyday life? (Accept the feeling “I am afraid”.)

• Would I feel better if I had a choice? What can I control in my current situation? (Choose to act, regardless of fear. You will find that you can feel afraid and still do something.)

• How can I now follow through, based on my choice? (Moving ahead, even though afraid, allows fear to dissipate; stifling it would only cause the fear to persist.)

• Now that I have exercised my choice, has my fear level changed? (Notice any reduction in the level of your fears. Use this feedback to give you courage to face
future fears.)

Remember, you have a choice. You CAN control your fears; they don't have any real power over you...unless you choose to believe that they do. By taking charge of your thoughts and your feelings, you are exercising an inherent POTENTIAL within your mind. However, that potential could remain simply an alluring possibility...unless it is accessed and used. Don't let that happen. CHOOSE to live fear-free!

Rita Milios, LCSW, is a psychotherapist, author and workshop leader on topics of spiritual growth and personal development. Visit her Speaking area and Bookstore at www.ritamilios.com for additional relevant information and resources.

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