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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Why Do We Dream?

Why Do We Dream?

Scientists tell us that we all dream every night. As a matter of fact, we each have about 6-8 dreams every night, during our REM (rapid eye movement) sleep periods. But we often do not remember our dreams.

Dreams seem to have several purposes. Some dreams are just memories of our mind doing the job of “filing away” information we have learned during the day. Other dreams, however, come from our inner minds with messages for us. They come to tell us things we need to know, but may not be paying attention to. Dreams are one way our inner minds “talk“ to us.

Hidden Messages in Dreams

Dreams often contain messages – messages from ourselves to ourselves. Dreams may come to say, “You’re doing fine. Hang in there.” Or the message may be, “You’ve gone off in the wrong direction. Take a close look at you’re doing in your life right now. You need to make some changes.”

Dreams come in many forms. We can have creative dreams, like Einstein and Edison are said to have had. Some dreams, called precognitive dreams, may “show” us a future event. Many others are problem-solving dreams. They give us advice about how to solve a problem in our lives.

Reoccurring Dreams

Reoccurring dreams are especially important. These are dreams that come over and over again. They always contain the same message. This message is one that your inner mind is trying to get you to notice. Your inner will patiently give you the same dream over and over for years until you finally “get the message”.

Rita Milios, The Mind Mentor, is a transformational psychotherapist, author and speaker from Hudson, FL (www.ritamilios.com). Hear more from Rita on dreams on Blog Talk Radio.

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