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Monday, December 12, 2005

Intention Gets Results!

In my last post I promised I'd update you on the results of my little experiment with intention....that being the act of placing a heart-felt intention into an ancient Sedona "intention" rock formation, a thing that apparently has been done for thousands of years by many others–from the ancient Anasazi Indians to modern days mystics (like myself). So here's the scoop....

Since making my intention last month to "let go of my fear and allow myself to launch onto the national scene in large-scale way"--I have been "discovered" by a seminar promoter, landed a speaking gig, along with free airfare and expenses, in Arizona, fearlesslessly...and this is the KEY word here...fearlessly made connections with several "high-powered" people in my region, that should lead to potentials for some lucrative business collaborations, and made a commitment to fearlessly (note the repetion of that key word again) jump into the world of radio!

OK, so it will only be internet radio at first, but hey, it's a start, and I do have some initial indications that my show, Mind Matters, with Rita Milios, the Mind Mentor (why re-create the wheel?) will be able to acquire a decent audience and move into traditional broadcast mediums. In case you are interested (and I hope you are), the show will cover "all things mind"--from creativity and innovation, to mind-body healing, to emotions and mental health to paranormal. In addition to Q/A, I will have guest interviews, contests, and lots of opportunitites for audience participation. Since you may not know me, think of a cross between Dr. Joy Brown, Dr. Phil and Louise Hay (author of You Can Heal Your Life), with a bit of a Dolly Parton (the say-whatever-is-on your-mind and I really do honestly care about you part, not the big hair and big...) parts.

OK, enough of the commerical...on to the point of this post. Like I said in my previous post, during the moments of placing my intention into the Sedona rock formation, I really did feel the energy shift in me. But was it the mystical powers of Sedona's energy field? Or was it just myself givng myself PERMISSION to do what I already really wanted to do? Probably a little of both.

I do believe that energies play a role in our consciousness. (I am an energy healer, after all, in addition to being a psychotherapist, incongruent as that may seem.) But I also know that it was myself, and myself alone...not my mother, not others in my life, not circumstances...that was the cause of my "holding back." I've known this (and have been working on it) for quite a while. But, aside from the obvious reason--fear of responsibility--I could not figure out why I was having such trouble getting rid of that last bit of residual resistance.

Timing...I think all things do have a time when they are "meant to be." I've always been a bit ahead of myself. I sometimes write books that are ahead of their time (my book Planetary Initiation, written fifteen years ago, is more pertinent today than it was when I wrote it...more people today "get it".) I get anxious to "move on with it" to the next level of spiritual growth. Yet, sometimes, I must wait for the time to be right. Thankfully, I believe that "the time" for me is finally here!

In the end, intention is really just a decision. I'd made the same decision and had the same intensity of desire and emotion around my decison to "move onward and upward" many times before. But it was not until I put that decision out to the universe in a heart-felt intention-- with the right energies and the knowledge that it was, and is, the right and perfect timing for me--not until then could I fully and completely give myself over to the totality of it, to the commitment, the responsibilities and the POWER.

We are, I think, more afraid of our power than of anything else. For with power, comes not only responsibility, but the need for action as well. There is a time for planning, a time for preparing, and a time for following through. Only when I was fully ready to take action and follow through in a complete and focused way, was I really ready to fully commit to my intention.

Intentions are indeed powerful things. But in the end, they are just decisions...and they do nothing unless they are acted upon. What I got in Sedona was "permission" to take action--and the intention /decision to stop allowing things to get in my way...the "just do it" mentality.

With that focused intention, I unleashed within myself a wellspring of potential energy that had been waiting and ready to spring into action. And by getting out of its way, I have allowed it to do its work.

And it is like witnessing a miracle.