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Friday, May 18, 2007

Time to Opine...or When to Write Op-Ed Pieces

Following the University of Virginia shootings, I sent off a quick op-ed piece to the St. Petersburg Times. In it, I listed several tips for parents, to help them help their children cope with the onslaught of media images and information.

In doing so, my intention was to be helpful. But I also recognized this as a good opportunity to get my name (and credentials) into the local newspaper. Now, I get no big thrill out of simply seeing my name in print....I prefer to see it printed on the "pay to the order of" line of a big check. But sometimes, like when you are new in town, as I am, you need to "get your name out there." And op-ed pieces can do that in a great way at the local level. By writing a short three-paragraph piece, I branded myself in my community as an "expert" in my field (psychotherapy), and I let an audience of potential clients know of my existence...all for free. I kind of like that.

The key to successful op-ed writing for increased visibility is: 1) Tie your writing to "news"....a current event, a time-related event (anniversary, reoccurring theme--such as making resolutions at the beginning of a new year, etc.), a recent scientific study, or an unusual, quirky idea, event or gimmick. 2) State your viewpoint (this is, after all an "opinion" piece) and why your opinion should matter (you are an expert, you have experience, etc., etc.). 3) Wake 'em up! Don't be boring. Use shocking statistics, bold statements or dramatic accounts. 4) Write tightly. Most op-ed pieces are short...75-100 words is good, or if you must, you can use up to 200-250 words--but that's the max.

You can whip up a piece and submit it online, which is good, because timing is everything. You've got to be in there with your piece while the news is still news.

Here's a handy link where you can find details for submitting op-ed pieces to the nation's top 100 newspapers. A local daily that covers your area should be in here somewhere. (Many of the listings have hyperlinks to the actual submission page.): http://ccmc.org/oped.htm.

So, go ahead, be opinionated...just do it for a good reason!


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Saturday, May 05, 2007

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