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Monday, May 25, 2009

“My Special Dream” WRITING CONTEST

“My Special Dream” WRITING CONTEST for Kids 8-14 offers Prizes for All Entries

Author’s Contest Launches Dream Share,

Award-Winning Book that Can Help Kids Overcome Fears

Hudson (Tampa Bay), FL -- Dream Share from FL publisher, Rose Heart Publishing, is a new middle-grade novel by psychotherapist, author and educational consultant, Rita Milios that was just announced as an award-winning finalist in the 2009 Florida Writer’s Association Royal Palm Book Awards Competition (children’s book category). The author is launching Dream Share with a new website, www.DreamShareBook.com and a “My Special Dream” Contest for kids ages 8-14 years old.

Kids can write about My Special Dream (200 words or less) and email it to the author, who will read all entries and pick a Grand Prize Winner and two other winners. Every child who enters the contest will receive information sheets--Tips for Remembering Your Dreams and Common Dream Symbols. Full Contest details are below.

“Kids are always fascinated by the topic of dreams,” says Milios, who often speaks at schools and educational conferences on the topic. “Dreams are not only fun, they can provide valuable information about a child’s emotions and state of mind.”

Milios offers dream resources for teachers and parents, as well, at her website, www.DreamShareBook.com. (See details below.)

About the “My Special Dream” Contest for Kids:

Do you have a Special Dream to share?

What makes the dream special? Was it…

• Fun? Exciting Scary? Adventurous?

• Did it teach you a lesson?

• Did it help you solve a problem?

• Did you see someone you care about that you miss?

• Did you go someplace you’ve never been before?

• Did you see things you’ve never seen?

• Were you able to do something you’ve never done before?

Write about your Special Dream (200 words or less). Email it (using your first name only) along with the your parents’ email address and the permission note below (*). to rita@DreamShareBook.com. Kids ages 8-14 may take part in the Dream Contest. Dream Share author, Rita Milios will read all dream entries and pick the winners:

• GRAND PRIZE winner receives a Dream Share Slumber Party Kit (An autographed copy of Dream Share and an autographed copy of My Dream Journal Book by Rita Milios, six "I Have a Dream to Share" buttons, coupons for free pizzas and a special “phone visit” (with parents’ permission) from the author during the Slumber Party!

• Second Place Winner receives an autographed copy of Dream Share and a "I Have a Dream to Share" button.

• Third Place Winner receives an I Have a Dream to Share button and a coupon for 50% off the book, Dream Share.

• All Contestants receive (email) Tips for Remembering Your Dreams and Common Dreams Symbols information sheets.

Deadline for Entries: July 4, 2009

Winners announced at www.DreamShareBook.com on August 1st 2009.


rita@DreamShareBook.com. Put “Dream Contest” in the subject line

I, ___________(name of parent) give my permission for my son/daughter to enter the “My Special Dream Contest.” I give permission for my child’s entry, if it is the Grand Prize winner, to be published on the Dream Share website. (Parents of Grand Prize winner, upon notification, will also be required to fax a signed, written agreement.)

See www.DreamShareBook.com for more about dreams & Dream Share learning supplements, including Dream Quizzes, a book excerpt, reviews of the book, Dream Share and Teacher Resources: Student Book Review Project, Rookie Researcher Scientific Investigation Project and more.

About Dream Share: Dream Share: When dreams come to life, the adventure begins!

Twelve-year old Sam and his older brother, Nathan, share an out-of-body experience that begins when Sam is drawn into his brother’s comatose state. The brothers enjoy visiting many mysterious realms beyond the physical, including those where whatever you imagine becomes real. But then each of the brothers is confronted with a monster, as their worst nightmares come to life. Only when Sam discovers how to use his mind to “see more deeply” do the boys understand that reality is what you perceive it to be, and that only by finding Truth can they find their way back home again.

In a back-of-the book section, Dream Share: The Story Behind the Story, readers find an author interview that discusses actual information about the book’s paranormal topics (What happens when a person is in a coma? What are “out-of-body” experiences and how do they occur? Do “alternate” realities really exist?) as well as their own Dream Journaling pages.

About Rita Milios:

Rita Milios is a licensed psychotherapist, author and workshop presenter. She makes presentations at schools and educational conferences and frequently speaks about dreams…as both nighttime fantasies and as aspirations.

Known as both The Mind Mentor and The Dream Lady, Rita is an expert in the use of the creative mind. She has for the past twenty-five years, researched and written about dreams, intuition, meditation, visualization, creativity and other mind-related topics. Rita presents workshops on dreams to children, teens, adults and teachers and writes books and articles for people of all ages.

Rita’s children’s books include Sleeping and Dreaming, a non-fiction book about sleep research and dreams for grades 3-4 that has been featured in variety of teacher and student workshops, including one associated with the JFK Center for the Performing Arts; Discovering Positive Thinking, a book for grades 5-7 that helps kids achieve and maintain a positive attitude, take charge of their thinking and envision success; and Discovering How to Make Good Choices that demonstrates how to set goals, look ahead and prepare for the future. Rita’s workbooks for teachers include Imagi-size: Activities to Exercise Your Students’ Imaginations, a teacher workbook with creativity and self-esteem exercises and the It Was Just Awful Teacher/Counselor Workbook (forthcoming) that helps kids dealt with the death of a loved one.

· PDF file of the “My Special Dream” Contest rules and entry guidelines is available. Email rita@ritamilios.com to request a copy.

• Contact the author to purchase autographed books or to discuss an author presentation.

Rita Milios, LCSW, The Mind Mentor, author, psychotherapist & speaker on topics of writing, education and personal development