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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tips for Creating Powerful Visualizations

Tip #1 for Creating Powerful Visualizations

Set your Mental Stage

By using visualization you can “program” your mind to help you achieve your goals. The key to using visualization effectively is to make the mental pictures, the scenes that you create in your mind, real. Add all the action, energy, and emotion you can muster to the movies in your mind. The more they appear and feel real to you, the more certainly you are creating your future reality.

Start by visualizing in the proper place. Close your eyes and “look” inside your mind. What do you see? Total blackness, probably. Now start to imagine a scene in your mind. Where in your head is this scene taking place?

For many people, visualizations are pictured somewhere in the area of the forehead, often right between the eyebrows. While this is OK, it is more effective to move your mind–movies out away from your head. Picturing your scene between your eyes takes more concentration because your eyes instinctively follow your inward gaze. It is better to move your mind’s movie screen out about six inches from your face. This allows you to be more relaxed, and to have more spontaneous, creative images.

Next time...a visualization "practice" exercise.